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How to Add Subtitles on Cinema HD using MX Player & VLC Media Player

The Cinema HD application is the one-stop solution for everyone around who loves streaming. It offers all kinds of genres with the best HD quality. No one can differentiate between Cinema HD and other OTT platforms if noticing the dynamic features such as Cinema HD subtitles. Also, it provides a seamless watching experience. 

The application contains a database for several movies and shows. You can pick your genre and enjoy the streaming. Without any subscription plan, you can easily pick and play the liked movie. 

It has subtitles options too for enhancing the streaming. However, some users still end up with how to add subtitles. If you are among them then just follow the guide below. We will learn and explore different solutions and methods of adding Cinema HD subtitles. Therefore, just read ahead. 

How to add Cinema HD Subtitles?

Users usually end up with the issue when there is a glitch between video and Cinema apk subtitles. So, we are supposed to resolve it as well. The section has covered two methods that you can use for adding subtitles via MX player and VLC media player. You can opt for any of them as per your choice. 

Make sure that these two external players are set up on your device. However, if not, then learn how to do it from the section ahead. 

Setup MX Player and VLC Player on Mobile

It is essential to set up any of these external players on Android. You cannot get the result or add Cinema HD apk subtitles without considering this factor.  

best player for cinema hd- mx player

  • The MX player and VLC player should be presented on your device before moving ahead with any other procedure. 
  • So, make sure to install them on your Android devices. 
  • Open the Google play store. 
  • Specify their name VLC or MX player on the search bar. 
  • Then, install them. 
  • Once the installation gets completed, you need to open the application. 
  • Afterward, pick Menu.
  • Tap Settings.  
  • Also, choose Default Video Player from VLC or MX video player. 
  • Alternatively, Hold the link of the movie that you want to watch and hit the Play with a button.
  • Pick the preferred external player from the list of installed ones. 

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Add Cinema HD Subtitles with MX Player

MX player is considered to be the best player for Cinema HD. After completing its configuration, you will be able to set or add subtitles. 

  • Tap the preferred link that you wish to watch via MX Player. 
  • Then, choose the three-dot menu. 
  • Also, select subtitles.
  • Now, new options such as Open and Online Subtitles will appear on the window. 
  • Hit Open to opt for an SRT file.
  • Make sure that the file is saved on the local store.
  • However, if it is absent then choose Online Subtitle. 
  • Thereafter, pick the Search option. 

add subtitles via mx player

  • The external player will begin its search to provide you with all the subtitles list. 
  • Go through them to pick the desired ones. 
  • Now, you are good to go to enjoy the streaming on the MX player with subtitles. 

Make sure that the MX player fixes all kinds of lags and issues within Cinema HD subtitles. All because of the inbuilt subtitle synchronization feature. That ensures no lags while playing your favorite movie and show. It has all the abilities to get rid of subtitles issues. 

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How to Add Subtitles to a Movie via VLC Media Player?

However, if you have a VLC media player for Cinema HD then learn how to add subtitles to a movie. 

cinema hd subtitles on VLC media player

  • Just like the MX player, you can use VLC media also to add subtitles. 
  • Choose the Play with subtitle button.
  • Now, the Cinema HD app will research on its own for the available subtitle file. 
  • Make sure to play it. 
  • The application does not synchronize the subtitle with the streaming media. 

If this method does not work then try out an alternative. We have given a second method below that you can easily conduct on your own. 

  • To start, you need to choose a subtitle file or a .srt file.
  • Now, open the Subtitle. 
  • Look for the file. 
  • Tap .srt file. 
  • Make sure to launch it as the preferred subtitle. 
  • Meanwhile, the application will launch the show with subtitles. 

So, with this, you can easily enable the Cinema hd apk subtitles. 

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Add Subtitles to Cinema HD App

It’s for the users who are not aware of how to get subtitles on Cinema HD. These steps are simple. Therefore, just proceed and learn. 

  • To begin with, open the Cinema HD app.
  • Then, tap the Movies and Check Subtitles option. 
  • Afterward, the subtitles will appear from

This way you can easily enable subtitles to your preferred show and moves. So, this is the whole guide on adding subtitles in Cinema HD apps. Make sure to ask your queries if you have any. You can drop it in the comment section. We will bring up an instant solution for you. So, don’t hesitate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What to do when I could not find subtitles on the Cinema HD app?

If the user could not find the subtitles on the Cinema HD application then hit the auto-search feature. It will bring a list of subtitles. However, if you still face the same issue then make sure to use the above method for manually adding Cinema HD subtitles through MX and VLC media players.

2. How should I add subtitles to the Cinema application?

You can use MX and VLC media players for adding subtitles to your Cinema applications. We have provided the full procedure above. So, make sure to learn and conduct. 

3. What should do when I want to change the font of Subtitles?

To modify the size and font of subtitles, you should follow: 

  • Choose Settings. 
  • Tap Subtitle. 
  • Make sure to pick the Font size.
  • It will modify the size of the subtitles. 

4. How to change the subtitle language in Cinema HD?

  • Choose Settings. 
  • Click on the Subtitle
  • Hit Change Default Subtitle Language from English to your preferred language. 

5. How to resolve Cinema HD subtitles not working on Firestick? 

If you are dealing with this issue then first change the video player to an MX player. Then, add a custom subtitle. This will help you in resolving the Cinema HD subtitles issue on Firestick. 

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