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Cinema HD iOS Download on iPhone & iPad – No Jailbreak

Looking for a way to bail out of all the heavy bills just because you are a binge-watcher? Cinema HD is the best escape. It is one of the best and most amazing applications to save your money without compromising on the quality and variety of shows.

This application comes with a huge variety of movies and TV shows in several languages. You can also select your favorite genres and interests from which you wish to watch the next movies. Also, you can watch the same TV series multiple times without any restrictions. And what makes it even better is, that you get all this without paying any charges.

Yes, the Cinema HD app is free to use. The application is available for users around the globe involving developing countries. The majority of the audience of this application comes from teenagers and youngsters. However, the application is safe and convenient for use by the elders and kids as well.

cinema HD ios

It not only has the best TV shows but also has a huge range of old and latest movies for all age groups. The kids can also find some animated series on this application which can be a good way to spend their screen time.

Although the original versions of this application are supported by Android only, iOS users can also use this application by following a certain procedure. So, if you are a huge TV show or movies geek and have an iPhone or iPad on which you wish to watch such shows, stay tuned as the Cinema app is for you too.

Features of Cinema HD iOS Application

As an iPhone user or IPad owner, if you wish to watch all the movies and shows free of cost, Cinema HD is going to be on your favorite list. The application comes with certain features offered to the iOS application users which ensure that the users get an uninterrupted and amazing experience while switching between their favorite series.

Following are some of the many features of the Cinema HD V2 iOS:

  • The application is free for all users. The users do not have to pay any additional or hidden charges associated with the application. There is no monthly or yearly subscription required with the application. You can use it without any charges for as long as you wish to.
  • Creating an account or having an existing account on the application platform is not necessary for any user. The users can easily start using the application without any prior sign-up or creating a specific account on the app. Also, the application does not ask for any personal details including your credit card details, your data, etc. For using the application
  • Best video quality of different channels and shows offered to the users. Users can also switch to different video qualities as per their Wi-Fi network allowances and their choice. However, the application offers HD video for all the movies and TV shows on iOS devices.
  • No personal data requires and hence, it is safe and secure for use by all users. The users can also read a set of instructions related to security and privacy given by the application before downloading it.
  • Highly interactive and easy-to-use graphical user interface. This allows the users to conveniently use the application and switch to different options with the help of icons and tabs which have appropriate notations.
  • Easy to download for the iOS platform as well. The users can download this application by following an easy set of instructions without any added errors or technical issues.
  • The application is small and hence does not burden your iOS device. The application is light and you will not have to make extra space on your device for it.

How to Download Cinema HD for an iOS Device?

The procedure of downloading and installing Cinema HD movie APK on your iOS device is easy and well divided into a series of steps. The steps can be followed to get this app for iPhone without any errors and in a very simple way.

Before downloading the Cinema HD APK on iPhone you must pay attention to the fact that Cinema HD for iPhone is not a regular application that will be available on the iOS store. You will have to download the Cinema HD V2 iOS from a third-party website and hence, find a reliable website for the same. Also, you will have to allow such websites to install any sort of application on your device.

The elaborated steps to install the Cinema HD iPhone application are:

  • Find a reliable 3rd party website from which you wish to download the APK file or you can download the Cinema apk file from our website. You can also find a third-party app store from where you can easily download the application for your iOS device.
  • Wait for the file to be downloaded successfully on your device. Make sure you have a stable internet connection while you download this application.
  • Once your application is installed on the device, now, permit the website to install the device. Go to the settings menu and reach the profile and device option on your device. Here, allow the website by permitting to install.

Chimera Jailbreak

  • Next, launch this downloaded application. To find the icon, search the name Cinema HD or the different name bobby movie and once you find it, download it on your device.

Search bobby movie

  • In the next step, finally, download the application and hence, provide the essential permissions again. The application is now downloaded completely on your device.

Get the Bobby movie

After following the up-listed steps, you can freely use your Cinema HD APK for iPhone on your iPhone or iPad. Also, if you face any errors while downloading and installing the application, you can call the help center and ask for guidance.

Installing Cinema HD for iPhone with IPA

If you do not wish to install the application using the long and the traditional method, you can easily follow the other or the alternative method via which you can easily install the Cinema app on your iOS device using the IPA.

The steps to download and install the Cinema HD iPhone application on your device are as follows:

  • Initially, you need to download the Cinema HD IPA file on your device. Visit the appropriate website and download the file on the device of your choice.
  • Now, you will have to install a 3rd party application named Cydia impactor from their original website addressed as on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Using a data cable connect your device with your PC or laptop. Your iPad/iPhone must be connected successfully with a PC or any appropriate device.
  • Open the Cydia impactor on your PC. Here select, drag, and drop your downloaded file on the current page of Cydia impactor. You can also copy and paste the file here.
  • On the redirected page, you will have to provide your apple id and password to complete the installation process. However, in case you do not wish to provide the original id or password, you can also create an alternative id and generate the password for it. Fill the boxes with appropriate details and proceed.
  • Once your application is installed successfully, go to the settings option, followed by general and profile where you can find the icon which shows your apple id and your profile.
  • Click on the trust tab on the recently opened popup menu, to proceed further.
  • Finally, visit the homepage and refresh it. Your application is ready to use and you can go back to watching your favorite movies on it.

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You can choose any of the methods you find most convenient and appropriate for you. The application can be easily downloaded and installed on any Apple device. However, installation errors can be resolved side by side. The only factors to insure before downloading and installing Cinema HD APK for iPhone are enough free space and a stable internet connection.


Cinema HD APK is one of the best video demand applications that allows you to watch all the TV shows and movies without paying any fee or charges. It allows you to watch everything you want with a simple touch on your iPad or iPhone. The application is compatible with all iOS devices along with android ones.

You can download and install this application via two different methods. Also, you can install it simply on any device you find convenient. The features of this application are the best of the other applications in the same category and hence, preferred by all the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost for Cinema HD on an iOS device?

There are no additional charges or any other expenses related to using and maintaining this application

  • Where can I download the Cinema HD APK for iPhone?

You can use any third-party website for downloading and installing Cinema HD for iPhone and other Apple devices

  • Is Cinema HD for apple or android?

Cinema HD is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. The users can easily download the application for any of the platforms.

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