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Install Cinema HD APK on Nvidia Shield [Guide]

Among dozens of entertainment apps available on the internet, picking the appropriate one for a flawless experience might be difficult. Most of them either don’t contain the material you’re looking for or show a lot of ads before giving you the download. You may use programs like Netflix, Prime, and others to halt the frenzy, but they will cost you money. Apps like Cinema APK, on the other hand, offer all of this for free.

Cinema HD APK is a fun app for watching your favorite movies and television shows, and it’s completely free. Instead of only downloading this incredible APK to your Android or iOS smartphone, you can now get it on your Nvidia Shield as well. We’ll show you how to use the Nvidia Shield and explain to you how to stream videos in this post.

Brief to Cinema APK and Nvidia Shield

Cinema APK is a video-streaming software that lets you watch the most recent and greatest material from a variety of genres and regions. You may watch or download an infinite number of movies and TV series here for free. Furthermore, when streaming your favorite material, the app does not display any adverts or pop-up alerts. This app is used by over a million users on their smartphones, tablets, TVs, Nvidia Shield, and Roku.

cinema APK: Home screen

The Nvidia Shield TV, on the other hand, is an Android TV-based digital media player that is part of Nvidia’s Shield line of Android devices. Nvidia advertised the shield as a tiny console at first, highlighting its ability to play downloaded games as well as stream games from a compatible PC over a local network or through the GeForce Now subscription-based service. 

Like all other Android TV devices, it can stream information from a range of sources via applications, and it offers 4K video. It comes in two varieties, the Shield TV Pro and the Shield TV. The Shield TV Pro has more internal storage.

Features of Cinema HD APK on Nvidia Shield

Cinema APK comes with a slew of characteristics that make it a fantastic tool to use.

  • There’s no need to burn a hole in your pocket with this stuff because it’s completely free.
  • You can watch the most recent movies and television series.
  • Put your favorite movies in the Favorites area so you may watch them whenever you want.

Support for video casting: The software supports video casting via a variety of devices, including Chromecast, Roku, Nvidia Shield, and others. You may use this function to stream your favorite entertainment across many devices.

Multiple video quality options: On Cinema HD, you can watch or download the newest movies and TV series in 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and occasionally 4k resolutions.

Playback options: The program works with a variety of media players, including MX and VLC, to stream your videos. It also offers subtitle files in a variety of languages for use with any media player.

User interface: Cinema APK offers a basic but effective user interface that allows you to quickly access your favorite movies or TV episodes with only a few clicks.

Cinema APK is a little application that only occupies roughly 15MB of your device’s storage. You can simply watch your favorite videos without any buffering troubles with the newest version.

Download and Install Cinema APK on Nvidia Shield

If you’re looking for ways to install Cinema HD APK on Nvidia Shield, look down for the steps. Cinema APK is a fantastic program that is simple to get using Nvidia Shield.

Connect the Nvidia Shield box to your smart TV and any active wi-fi network.

  • Using the remote or voice control, navigate to the Settings area of your Nvidia shield.
  • Go to the settings menu and choose the security & limitations option.

cinema hd nvidia shield source permission

  • To install third-party apps on your Nvidia Shield TV, turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Return to your Nvidia Shield TV’s homepage and open the Google Play Store.
  • Install the program “analiti” by searching for it.
  • After the installation is complete, open the analiti app.
  • Please be patient while the Analiti app tests your internet connection speed.
  • Go to the “Web Check” option on the left side menu.
  • Inside the Analiti app on your Nvidia Shield TV, a web browser window will open (Nvidia shield).
  • Press enter after typing, and open the downloader.

how to install cinema hd on nvidia shield

  • You’ll be sent to a special website where you can immediately download the app.
  • Scroll until you locate the apk file and click to download it.
  • Whatever you see on the screen, grant access.
  • If you haven’t activated the ability to install unknown applications on your Nvidia Shield TV yet, now is the time to do so.
  • The APK will begin downloading from that web page right away.
  • Once the download is complete, the Nvidia shield will begin installing the application.
  • To begin installing the Cinema HD app on your Nvidia Shield TV, select the “Install” option.

After the operation is completed, the android tv box will send you a message indicating that the program has been successfully installed.

How to Install Cinema APK on Nvidia Shield: Alternate Methods

Installing the Cinema HD on the Nvidia Shield is not as difficult as it may look, it is an easy process and can be done in just a few minutes. Look for each step carefully and install the Cinema HD Nvidia Shield.

how to download cinema hd on nvidia shield

Mode 1:

  • You must install the ES File Explorer program before installing Cinema HD. Also, ensure that you have access to the internet.
  • Now go to the Google Playstore app on your device and search for ES file explorer and install it.
  • Then, using the Nvidia shield’s browser, download the Cinema APK file from the URL “”
  • When the download is complete, navigate to the ES File Explorer’s “Downloads” area and open it.
  • Install the cinema app on your device and then enable third-party applications to be installed in the middle.
  • The Cinema app may be launched from the Nvidia Shield device’s AppList.

Mode 2:

  • On your mobile device, download the Cinema HD file and save it to your Google Drive.
  • Open a browser on your Shield TV and login into your Google Drive account.
  • Install the app on your Shield TV by downloading it from the disk.

Summing Up!

By installing Cinema APK for Nvidia Shield, you can now enjoy streaming your favorite movies instead of merely playing games on them. We’ve covered a variety of topics relating to the Cinema APK in this post. Make sure you follow the instructions in the correct order. We hope you enjoyed the article and will put it to good use.

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