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Install Cinema HD APK on FireStick, 4K & Lite [2022]

Cinema HD APK is a perfect alternative to watching free movies and shows. The app is the best among all APKs for streaming purposes. Every user can easily install the Cinema app on FireStick, 4K, lite, FireTV Cube, Fire TV devices, Android smartphones, and computers. 

The Cinema HD Firestick app lets you save more by reducing the subscriptions to other OTTs. The app is now available in the updated version with barriers to all kinds of issues and bugs.  

You can have the access to top-popular movies ranging from the latest to classics. The fun part is that you can have all this entertainment on your TV itself.

The newest release of the app gains exponential popularity. Several users want to have the Cinema HD V2 for its updated features. All thanks to the Content team for providing the best experience ever. 

Cinema App for Firestick: An Insight into Application

Application Cinema HD APK | Cinema APK
File Size 14 MB
Last Updated 2022  January
Support Firestick 4K, Firestick, Lite
File Type Firestick APK
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Downloads More than 1 million

Features of Cinema HD FireStick

Cinema HD

A user can request specific content from the app team. This makes it a user-friendly platform.

Excitement due to the new and added features is beyond the edges. If you are still in dark about all the updated features then go through them. 

  • No buffering issues.
  • High-speed download.
  • Just download the content on the local storage and enjoy it offline. 
  • No cost and free use.
  • Simplistic use: just install and use.
  • Registration is not needed. 
  • Split between TV and Movies section. 
  • A search bar to watch your favorite pick. 
  • The application can consume around 15 MB of space on Android TV, Firestick, and Fire TV. 
  • Features some ads while running that will not ruin the entertainment. 
  • Impressively big inventory

Cinema APK consists of every feature that will give competition to other full-fledged video applications. 

How to Download Cinema on Firestick | Step by Step Process

Cinema APK is a third-party application. To download and install it on your device, you should follow the steps: 

  • Click Settings. 

Firestick home

  • Move towards the Devices. 
  • Hit the Developer option. 
  • Make sure to turn on the Unknown Sources. 

Turn on the unknown sources

These steps are really necessary to install the app on Firestick.

  • Once done, visit the home display. 
  • Then, you need to locate the Downloader app. 
  • Now, just install the Downloader on the Firestick. 
  • The file will be saved as an orange-colored download icon. 

Get the Downloader

  • Once completing the installation, you need to open the file. 
  • Visit the Settings. 
  • Thereafter, just disable JavaScript. 
  • Meanwhile, you need to specify “” on the URL. 
  • Hit GO and wait till the web page opens.
  • Then, the user will encounter the ‘Download Cinema APK file’. 
  • You must push it and let the downloading start. 
  • You will be asked the confirmation “if want to install the application or not”
  • Make sure to hit Yes to go further.
  • Wait till the installation procedure is going on. 
  • Hit Done when it completes. 
  • You will receive a request from the Fire TV to clear the APK. 

Cinema HD Firestick delete APK file

  • So, make sure to do that for conserving space.
  • Visit the tab named Your Apps and Channel. 
  • Choose Cinema APK. 

Through these, you will easily install the Cinema App on Firestick/Fire TV. Now, let’s move in and learn how to download and install the Cinema APK on android. 

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Configuring on the FireStick with the Cinema App

  • Open Cinema APK. 
  • Click the Menu button. 
  • Choose Settings.

Cinema HD settings to setup Trakt TV 

  • Then, click Login to Trakt TV. 
  • Make sure to save the code that displays on the screen. 
  • Open the web browser. 
  • Specify the following URL “”

Trakt TV setup image

  • After this, you need to specify the code on the blank field. 
  • Then, hit Continue. 
  • Choose Yes when you see a window with Allow Cinema to your Account. 

Cinema HD APK : setup for Trakt TV

  • Open the Cinema Firestick application to see if the sync gets successful or not. 

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Installing subtitles on the FireStick 4K with the Cinema HD APK

  • Specify the name that you want to enjoy on your Cinema APK. 
  • Move towards the top-right corner of your computer screen. 
  • Then, choose the Dialogue option. 

adding subtitles on Cinema app for firestick

  • Click on the subtitle language. 
  • Meanwhile, you will see many subtitle files. 

Subtitles loading on Cinema APK

  • Choose only which has the most download counts. 
  • Now, the movie or show will bring subtitles while playing. 

Cinema APK on Android TV Box: Installation Procedure

The procedure of downloading Cinema APK on Android TV is as same as on the Android smartphone. So, let’s proceed below. 

  • The first and foremost step that the user needs to do is to open the Android smartphone. 
  • Thereafter, download the Cinema APK application. 
  • Try to download or transfer the APK file on the SD card. 
  • Subsequently, locate the App Installer button on the TV. 
  • Make sure to pick it up. 
  • Now, you will have to pick from Local Disk or External Storage options. 

Changelogs in Cinema V2

  • Confirm that the Android TV has connected with the SD card. 
  • Install the application once you have ensured this thing. 
  • Afterward, choose External Storage. 
  • Make sure to select Install after clicking on the memory. 
  • Try to open the Cinema Firestick APK when the installation procedure gets completed. 

How to set up Real-Debrid on Cinema HD APK

  • Open the Cinema APK application. 
  • Select Menu bar. 

use real debrid with Cinema HD

  • Choose Settings. 
  • Then, click Login to Real-Debrid. 

Login to real debrid

  • Now, the screen will display a code. Make sure to note down the code.
  • Try to open a web browser. 
  • Then, copy and paste this URL”
  • The user now needs to specify the code. 
  • Thereafter, click Continue. 
  • You will encounter a message appearing as “authorization is complete”.

Cinema HD APK : Read debrid setup

  • Meanwhile, the user will see a text on Cinema HD v2 APK settings that they easily log in to the Real Debrid
  • Search for the movie or a TV show that you want to watch. 
  • The specific will appear in yellow.

Is Cinema HD APK Safe to Use?

We are a team of experts that ensure the best for our readers. You can easily trust this app as we have tested it before coming up with this guide. You will explore its capabilities in the updated version. Make sure to run the VirusTotal test before using it on the device as it will remove all kinds of threatful malware and viruses. 

However the scan will not come up with any kinds of suspicious files, it is still advisable to use the APK file. Ensure the most in terms of security by opting for the rightful VPN. Also, move below to update the Cinema HD APK [2022].

Steps for Updating Cinema HD APK [2022]

Many users have lately come up with a query about how to update the Cinema HD APK [2022]. You must learn how to check for updates and complete the procedure for better outcomes. So, let’s get started. 

  • Start the procedure by selecting the ‘Hamburger icon’
  • Scroll the mouse down and head towards Check for Updates. 
  • You will be redirected toward the official homepage of Cinema HD.
  • Try to check for the newest launches. 
  • Just install and download the APK.

So, these are the ways through which you can easily update the Cinema HD APK. If you want to ask about any other problem arising while installing the application then inform us in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to download movies and TV shows from Cinema HD APK?

Just click on the Download button. Also, ensure if you have a VPN connection or not. 

2. Is Cinema HD Firestick the best platform for movies?

Yes, Cinema HD APK is one of the best platforms and applications to enjoy the latest TV shows and movies without any additional cost. 

3. Isn’t it illegal to install Cinema HD APK?

No, it is legal to download and install the Cinema APK. Although, you will not get access to the illegal contents legal ones can be easily accessed. 

4. Can you tell me the compatible devices with Cinema HD? 

The compatible devices for Cinema HD APK are FireStick Lite, Android TV Box, Firestick/Fire TV, Android mobile device and so much more. 

5. What is Cinema HD Parse Error?

It is an error that you may encounter at the time of updating APK with an inbuilt update. So, make sure to install and update another APK file. 

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