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Install Cinema HD APK on Google TV 4K [Chromecast UPDATE]

The newest Google TV with Chromecast supports sideloading applications and games. It implies that you can easily and quickly install APK files for apps and games. So, in this post, we’ll show you how to install Cinema HD APK on Google TV using the most recent version of Chromecast.

So, with a fresh new Google TV newest version, the first thing we need to do is activate developer settings. After that, we may go ahead and download as much third-party software as we wish. If you’ve ever used an Amazon Firestick, you’ll recognize it. Also, Cinema HD may also include a Real-Debrid account.

The below step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of installing Cinema HD on your Google Chromecast. Along, Cinema HD, on the other hand, is available for download on Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV Box, and other Android-powered devices.

Brief to Cinema HD APK and Chromecast Google TV

Cinema HD APK is an Android mobile application that provides a variety of free TV episodes and movies. It is now the most popular streaming app for smartphones and tablets. Nonetheless, because of the sizable interface, individuals are now wanting to install this app on their televisions.

Users do not need a cable connection to view television programs or movies using this. Simply using this free software will provide you with the most recent entertainment stuff without the need for a setup box. However, All you’ll need is a good internet or WiFi connection.

Chromecast is a gadget that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV and is powered by a USB cord (included). To be specific, you may use Chromecast to view video material from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, the Google Play Store, and other services by using your smartphone or computer as remote control (Xfinity Stream just got Chromecast support). However, you may also use it to stream practically any type of entertainment from a desktop pc computer’s Chrome browser.

Few Reasons to Opt for Cinema HD

There can be many reasons to go for Cinema HD, out of the consideration we have picked up the best few for you.  In the meantime, Look below and find out for yourself.

  • Cinema HD is incredibly popular due to the fact that you can stream material from all of the official OTT applications for free.
  • The Cinema Latest APK also supports 4K streaming.
  • Cinema HD stands out among comparable programs because of its support for Real-Debrid and Trakt. tv.
  • The best aspect is that there is no need to register for the program in order to utilize it. This implies that you have complete control over your personal information.
  • Downloading to a local disk is possible using the app.
  • On a tv screen, the app’s user interface is basic and easy to browse.

Download Cinema HD APK for Google TV 4K with Chromecast

Follow the instructions further to install Cinema APK on Google TV 4k after you have become a developer on your Google TV.

  • Go to the home button on your Google TV by going to the settings or your profile.
  • Go to the “Apps” section, which is the fifth choice on the horizontal list.
  • Now, scroll down to App Categories and select “Search for Apps.”
  • In the search field, type “Downloader” and install the app on your Google TV.
  • Once the downloader software installation is complete, select the “Open” option.
  • You must now navigate to your profile settings and then to privacy.
  • Scroll down until you reach Security & Restrictions.
  • Then select Unknown Sources.
  • Toggle on the option for unknown sources, which is located next to the downloading program.
  • Return to your Google TV’s home screen, navigate to the Your Apps area, and launch the downloader app.
  • Select “Allow” and then enter ( in the URL field.)
  • When the website appears on your Google TV, scroll down until you find the download option.
  • Please wait while you download Cinema HD APK Latest Version for Google TV from that link.

cinema hd on chromecast with google tv

  • Once the APK has been properly downloaded, you can easily install the program by following the on-screen instructions.
  • To access the Cinema HD App, navigate to Your Apps on your Google TV. Using the same procedure.

Installing Cinema HD for Google TV 4K Chromecast

To install Cinema HD Ad-Free APK on Google TV 4K, you must first complete a sequence of procedures. In addition, We have simplified the information underneath for your convenience.

Part 1: Enable Google TV 4K Developer Options

Please follow the instructions below after connecting your Google TV 4K device to your Smart TV to activate developer options.

Subsequently, to enable developer options, simply follow the procedures below after connecting your Google TV 4K device to your Smart TV.

  • Then choose the Profile menu from the top-right corner of your Google TV.
  • Select Settings from the list.
  • Please go down to System > About in Settings.
  • In About, look for an option labeled Android TV OS Build.
  • Tap on it seven times.

install cinema hd on google tv

  • You will get a notice that says, ‘You are now a developer.’
  • If you return to the previous screen, you will find Developer Options under System.
  • This will allow you to use your Chromecast with Google TV to download third-party Android apps.

Part 2: Install Downloader App on Google TV 4K

  • Go to the home screen of your Google TV 4K device.
  • Navigate to your Google TV 4K device’s home screen.
  • Please select Apps from the horizontal list.
  • Navigate to App Categories > Search for Apps.
  • Please type Downloader into the search bar.
  • On your Google TV 4K device, install the Downloader App.

cinema hd google tv

  • When the installation is complete, select the Open option.
  • Then, go to Profile Settings > Privacy > Security & Restrictions.

how to download cinema hd on google tv

  • Unknown Sources will be shown as an option.
  • Turn on Unknown Sources for the Downloader App by tapping on this option.

Part 3: Install Cinema HD APK on Chromecast with Google TV 4K

  • Please start the Downloader App from the home screen right now.
  • It will be accessible through your Apps area.
  • Allow should be selected.
  • On the Downloader App, there will be a spot for you to enter a URL.
  • Enter the URL below to download Cinema HD Latest APK on Chromecast with Google TV and press Go.
  • Allow for the download of the APK file.
  • After the app is downloaded, in addition, follow the on-screen installer to install the Cinema HD App on Google TV 4K.
  • To finish installing Cinema HD on Chromecast with Google TV, simply follow the simple on-screen instructions.

After the setup is finished, the Cinema HD icon will appear on your Google TV 4K device’s desktop screen under the Your Apps area.

How to Update Cinema App on Google TV with Chromecast?

The steps for updating Cinema HD on Google TV’s newest version are straightforward. Last, of all, we’ve highlighted it for you below.

  • Go to Your Apps and choose Cinema HD.
  • Choose and hold the app list.

cinema hd on google tv

  • A screen will appear, from which you must choose View Details.
  • There are two options here: Update and Uninstall.

download cinema hd on google tv

  • To delete Cinema HD MOD APK from Google TV, select the Uninstall option.

Please keep in mind that you will not receive automatic updates for the software because it is not available on the Google Play Store. However, to obtain the most recent version, you must first uninstall and then reinstall the application.


What are Cinema HD’s compatible devices?

The Cinema HD app will function on any Android-powered device.  However, to make this app function on other devices like Smart TV, Kodi, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and Nvidia Shield, you need to perform the steps that allow this app to work.

Is The Cinema HD App Safe To Use?

Of course, the Cinema HD app is safe. Also, the app doesn’t have malicious software, thus there is no way it will harm your device. 

How To Use The Cinema HD App On A Smart TV?

You must use Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV / Fire Stick. Also, Remember that the app only functions on Android smart television.

What is Cinema HD – User Interface?

The Cinema HD app has a simple, easy-to-use user interface. However, the video streaming service has no unneeded designs. This makes Cinema HD understandable and a usable app for all sorts of users.

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