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Install Cinema HD APK on Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora & Mint) [STEPS]

Cinema HD APK is one of the leading and most loved Video-on-demand applications used worldwide. The users can easily get access to millions of TV shows and movies from different platforms filtered to be at the same one. Here, you can get quantity along with quality. The application is popular for providing the largest range of TV shows and movies on a single application.

Although, originally the application was designed to run on the Android platform, however with the phase it was developed to work on other platforms such as ios, Linux, etc. If you are wondering can you use Cinema HD on your device with a Linux Or Ubuntu Operating system? Yes, you can. You will have to download and install the application on the device. However, a guide on how you can go through the process of downloading and installing this application on such devices is given in this article.

Features of Cinema HD APK for Linux

Before moving to the downloading and installing part, you need to understand how cinema HD will be appropriate for a movie enthusiast like you. Following are some of the features of the Cinema HD APK for Linux, that makes it the perfect option out of all the other applications on the market.

Cinema interface- Cinema HD linux

  • This application provides a wide range of cinema including the latest Hollywood TV series and movies. Also, you can watch these movies and shows from different genres and in different languages. It comes with millions of options to watch from the oldest movies to the latest ones.
  • You can choose any video Quality you wish to watch. The application provides only high video Quality content to all the users. However, you can choose the best quality as per your selection.
  • The cinema HD application is free to use. It comes with no additional charges or any hidden charges throughout the using period. Also, there is no need for a subscription or monthly payment required on the cinema app.
  • There is no requirement of making a separate account or sharing details of your card for using this application. You can use this application simply bus installing it on your device.
  • In addition to watching the shows online, you can also download these shows for a time with bad Wi-Fi or the unavailability of an internet connection. You can download movies and shows and watch them anytime and anywhere when you are offline.
  • Easy to use and well-designed user interface. The navigations inside this application make it easy for the users to use different features without any guidance.
  • Easy segregation of movies and shows. You can also sort the content based on genres, release time, and such parameters. It makes it easier to find your favorite shows on your phone.

These features are enough to convince every user that cinema HD is unbeatable in the market.

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How to Download Different Versions of Cinema HD on Linux?

 You can download different versions of the cinema APK on your device. If you have a device with Linux or any other lower versions of it including Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, etc you can use two different platforms for downloading and installing cinema HD on your device.

As you must know, the cinema HD application is a third-party application that is available only on third-party websites for downloading and installing. Therefore, as a Linux user, you have two different options for the same. You can download this application from the Genymotion android emulator or the other one i.e. the shashlik android emulator.

Before installing the cinema HD APK on your device, you will have to download any of these on your device. To guide you through this, below are elaborated steps and the commands associated with them.

Installing Cinema HD Apk Using Shashlik Android Emulator

Following are the steps to install and download the Cinema HD on your Linux device using the shashlik Android emulator.

Download Shashlik Android Emulator

First of all, you will have to follow the given steps to download the shashlik Android emulator:

  • Open your command prompt and download the repo tool by carefully inserting the given command in the box:

$ mkdir ~/bin

$ PATH=~/bin:$PATH

  • Now, you will be redirected to a new page. Here, you need to insert the next command. Go to the command prompt again and put this command in the dialogue box.

$ curl > ~/bin/repo

$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

  • Here, you will have to make a new directory. Read the instructions and make a new directory on this page. Then, initiate the repo sync to proceed. The command associated with this action is given as:

mkdir shashlik

cd shashlik

repo init -u

repo sync

  • Once done carefully, you can move to the last and final step. Note down the commands given below onto your command prompt and complete your installation process.

source build/


You can use these commands and steps to complete the installation process in a hassle-free manner. Also, in case you have any queries and confusion regarding commands, you can consider the guide which is provided along with the shashlik Android emulator.

Installing Cinema HD Apk using Download Genymotion Android Emulator

Now, if you do not wish to download the Shashlik Android Emulator, you can also download the Genymotion android emulator and use it for installing Cinema HD APK on your Linux-based device.

The users can download the Genymotion android emulator using the official website. Here, you can easily find the application as well as the commands required to install it on your device. The application is compatible with Linux and all other branched versions like Mint, Ubuntu, etc.

Once you download the emulator from the official website all you need to do is install it and reboot your device. You can also check the guides on how you can make it easy to download and install this Android Emulator on your device. All the guides are provided by the official website only and can be accessed by all the users easily.

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How To Install Cinema HD APK?

Here are all the steps that you will have to follow.

Using Shashlik Android Emulator

  • The first step in this process is to boost your device and launch the Emulator on your device. Refresh a few times and proceed.

cinema apk: launch shashlik

  • Once done, simply go to chrome and search for and download the Cinema HD APK file on your device.
  • Once your file is downloaded successfully, copy the file and paste it onto the Shashlik Emulator interface. You can also drag and drop the file.
  • Once your file is uploaded on this interface, your installation process will be initiated. Wait for the installation process to be completed.
  • After completing the installation process, refresh your device and your Cinema HD application is ready to use. Now, you can watch all your favorite TV series and movies on your device.

Cinema apk: install on Shashlik

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Using Genymotion Android Emulator

The process of installation is similar to that of the previous emulator. Simply follow the given steps

  • On successfully downloading the Genymotion android emulator on your device, launch it and refresh the screen.

cinema hd: Genymotion loading screen

  • Let it work in the background, while you go to the home screen and open any web browser available. Here, search for the Cinema HD APK file. You can choose any website and download the application file on your device.
  • Allow your device to download from a third-party website and then wait for the file to be downloaded.
  • Once downloaded, open the file on the location at which it is downloaded. Select the file from here and drag it, drop it on the user interface you left working on the Genymotion android emulator.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the start of the installation process of the cinema HD application on your device.
  • Wait for the installation process to be over and use your application freely and watch all the shows and movies anytime and anywhere.

These processes can be used on any device working on Linux and all the lighter versions. You can follow the same steps to install Cinema HD APK in your Mint, Fedora, or Ubuntu-based device. Therefore, do not wait anymore and grab the best application for your device soon.

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You can easily download, install and use cinema HD APK on Linux and other versions including Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, etc. Also, all the features offered by Cinema HD make it easy and convenient to use by all users.

You can use any of the two popular emulators i.e. the Genymotion android emulator and the shashlik Android emulator for installing Cinema HD on your device. Both the platforms are safe to use and easily available.


  1. Is Cinema HD supported by Lighter versions of Linux?

Yes, the Cinema HD can be downloaded and installed on Linux and other versions such as Mint, Fedora, and Ubuntu.

  1. How can I use Cinema HD on a Linux device?

Yes, you can install the cinema HD application on your Linux device by installing cinema HD for Linux devices On your device.

  1. Is Cinema HD safe for use?

Yes, Cinema HD is completely safe for use and can be relied on. You can consider millions of positive customer reviews.

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