Cinema HD Subtitles not working

[Fixed] Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading, Wrong Subtitles & Out Of Sync

Cinema HD subtitles not loading while playing the movie? We have got the solution for you. Cinema HD is widely used by millions of users present in different locations around the globe. This can help you to increase the range of movies and shows you can watch. However, if you wish to watch a movie or TV show in a different language, the subtitles can help you to get through it. There are more than 200 languages in which you can watch different shows and movies. You can download the subtitles for each show or movie you like.

The Cinema HD allows you to get the shows and movies for free. You can enhance your watching experience while using the Cinema HD subtitles for your application. However, if you are not able to download or access the subtitles on your movies and shows, you will have to fix it using a simple procedure.

Another major issue faced by users while using Cinema HD with subtitles on is that your subtitles are out of sync with the video shown on the screen side by side. You can fix all these errors simply by following the detailed procedures listed on this page. So, stay on this page and go back to well-synced and properly working subtitles.

Features Of Cinema HD

  • More than 10,000 users around the globe.
  • Available on different platforms and in different countries.
  • Subtitles are present in more than 200 different languages.
  • Easily accessible application with easy and accurate subtitles with shows and movies.
  • The latest and oldest movies are available at a touch on your device.
  • Easy to switch between different languages and associated subtitles.
  • Help centers and customer services for all the users.
  • Easy to use graphic-based user interface making it easy for everyone.

How to Fix Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading Properly?

While using Cinema HD for watching movies and your favorite shows online, you might face some errors. This error is majorly caused while streaming the latest shows and movies. In such cases, it can be difficult to find the subtitles or the specific ones. You can fix this error in different ways.

The cinema HD subtitles can load on your device after fixing this error. Adding Subtitles or changing them via the cinema HD guidelines can be difficult and may not work in the end. However, you can fix this issue by adding external subtitles to your content. Adding external subtitles with help of different platforms can be easier and more efficient.

Following are the two ways in which you can fix this error on your cinema HD app along with the steps to be followed:

Adding External Subtitles Using MX Player

You can add subtitles to your favorite shows if the original ones are not available using the MX player application. The following steps will guide you through the process of adding subtitles to your cinema HD app using the MX player.

Note: Make sure that your device already has the latest version of the MX player. If not, please download and install the MX player on your device before starting the procedure. Also, make sure to update the app and replace it with the latest version to ensure hassle-free use.

  • After ensuring that your MX player is working successfully, launch your cinema HD app on your device.
  • Select the hamburger menu available on the screen. This will take you to the video player settings. From available options, choose MX player as your default video player platform.

cinema app on firestick playing wrong movies: Fix using MX player

  • Now, select a movie or a TV show you wish to watch on the cinema HD app.
  • Do not click on play directly. Tap on open with another application or simply tap on title followed by open with.
  • Here, select MX player to play the show or movie on MX player. This will initiate the launch of a movie or show on the MX player.
  • Select the subtitles option once your video starts playing.

online subtitles from MX player

  • From the present menu, select the online subtitles option.
  • Next, type the name of the movie or TV show for which you wish to download subtitles.
  • The MX player will perform a search and find you the appropriate subtitles.
  • In case you have an SRT format file on your device, click on open for using it followed by using the SRT format subtitles file from the device storage.
  • The final results of the MX player for subtitles will be available. You can choose the appropriate file and tap on open.

With this, the subtitles will appear at the end of your screen. You can now go back to watching your shows and movies with subtitles and without disturbances.

Adding External Subtitles From VLC Media Player

If your device does not have an MX player but instead you wish to choose a VLC media player as your default player option, you can simply do it. Follow the same procedure with the VLC media player and you can download the subtitles for every movie or show you wish to watch.

Cinema hd subtitles

There is no difference in procedure and hence, you can simply follow the same procedure on the VLC media player as well. You can follow these steps on any device including tablets, smartphones, PC, etc.

Update your Cinema HD App

You can also solve the Cinema HD subtitles not working error by updating the current cinema HD apk with the latest version. This will ensure that the subtitles for the latest series are available and can be accessed by the users.

By updating the existing app, you can ensure that your videos come with appropriate and accurate subtitles in different languages. This is because many times, the application needs a little maintenance time as well. As soon as you update your cinema HD app, you will get many new subtitles added to the latest movies and shows. However, you still might face issues finding subtitles for specific videos including international shows and rare language content.

Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading: Fix Unsynchronized Subtitles

Another major issue faced by users of cinema HD while watching multilingual content is unsynchronized subtitles along with the videos. Many times the subtitles run faster or slower than the video. This can cause chaos while watching your favorite shows and movies. Also, it can get difficult to watch and understand the movies in such a situation.

Following are some ways in which you can fix the issue of unsynchronized subtitles of various movies and shows.

Fix This Error With MX Player

You can now fix the error of out-of-sync or unsynchronized subtitles by using MX player. You can follow the steps given below to fix this error with the MX player:

  • Select the movie or the TV show you wish to watch and play it through the MX player app.

cinema hd playing wrong movies: Mx player subtitles

  • Once you reach the application, run the video and go to settings on the page. Search for the subtitles option and choose the synchronization option on the navigated menu.

Mx Player subtitles

  • Adjust the timeline with the subtitles such that it matches exactly with the pace of the video.

And done! This way you can enjoy your cinema HD videos along with the subtitles which run at the same pace as your video. You can thus, watch your international shows without a glitch.

Add Different Subtitles

If you can not make the subtitles right, change them with better ones. Simply, download the external subtitles available online on your MX Player or VLC player which will ensure that your cinema HD app videos have accurate subtitles.

Also, the addition of new subtitles will enhance the accuracy. You will get better subtitles and well-sync ones with the video. All you need to do is follow the process listed above on this page under the heading how to add subtitles using MX player or VLC player.

Fixing subtitles on PC or firestick

If you are using the Cinema HD app on your PC or firestick and face the issue of the cinema app on firestick playing the wrong movies, you can follow the given steps to bring your subtitles back on track. The step-wise procedure to fix the error of cinema HD playing wrong movies firestick subtitles is as follows:

  • Firstly, ensure that your device has the ES file explorer or any application that serves a similar purpose. If not, please download and install it on your device to proceed.
  • On the side menu of the page locate the local option. Tap on the local option to move forward.

ES file explorer

  • On the redirected screen, look for the Cinema HD folder on the right side corner of the screen. Open the Cinema HD folder.
  • Once you reach the folder, find the subtitles option in the menu.
  • Select the available subtitles and associated files and remove them by deleting them. Click on delete and okay to proceed.
  • Please note that if you are using a VPN on your device, you must turn it off too.
  • Reboot your device properly.
  • Once your device restarts, run the cinema HD application again.
  • Search for the movie or show you wish to watch and again download the subtitles through the app itself.

This will set your subtitles right. And you can go back to binge-watching your shows with correct and synced subtitles.


Cinema HD allows you to watch content in different languages and hence provides subtitles for more than 200 different languages content. You can easily add external subtitles or fix the error of unsynchronized subtitles easily using MX Player or VLC player. This issue can also be resolved by updating the cinema HD application.


  1. Can I download external subtitles on Cinema HD?

Yes, you can download external subtitles on cinema HD using MX player and VLC media player.

  1. What do if my subtitles are out of sync on Cinema HD?

You can simply download external subtitles or update your application to resolve such issues.

  1. Can I watch shows in different languages on Cinema HD?

Cinema HD allows you to watch content in 200 different languages with subtitles.

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