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ShowBox Video Editor: Get Professional Editing with Ease [2022 Guide] 

Have you ever wondered why videos on social media look so polished and professional? Chances are, they were edited by a video editor. While anyone can technically edit a video, it takes skill and knowledge to do it well. Showbox online video editor can turn your raw footage into a work of art. 

You can add special effects, transitions, and graphics to make your video pop. The audio quality will be high, and you can ensure that your video is the right length. In short, a video editor can take an average video and turn it into something truly special. So if you’re planning on posting any videos online, the Showbox video editor will be worth it.

Since Showbox uses a freemium model and is currently in beta mode, we present you with its remarkable features that will revolutionize the video editing field for amateurs. Let’s begin.

Introducing ShowBox Online Video Editor

ShowBox is a cloud-based video editing platform that enables users to create and share professional-quality videos. The platform provides a simple yet powerful set of tools that helps create videos of any length or complexity.

Showbox Online Editor

ShowBox online allows users to edit video in real-time, without the need for downloading or installing any software. This means that users can edit their videos as soon as they have uploaded them to the platform. It helps you create professional-looking videos without putting much effort.

In addition, ShowBox offers a wide range of templates and transitions that allows you to create professional-looking videos. And for those who need a little help getting started, the platform also offers tutorials and tips on creating high-quality videos.

Features of ShowBox Online Video Editor

Before entering the video editing platform, Showbox was focused on the streaming genre, where its sole competitor was Cinema HD. However, due to Cinema HD’s collection of the latest movies and Tv shows with ease of use, Showbox was no match. 

Now, it is more focused on the video editing platform for experienced videographers and those just getting started. Here are some features that distinguish the Showbox free online video editor from others.

1. Automatically Generated Background

Every video editor has that one killer feature that sets it apart from the rest. For some, it’s the ability to create custom animations. For others, it’s the inclusion of powerful audio editing tools. But for Showbox, the best feature is the ability to automatically generate a background. 

This feature comes in handy when trying to create a video with a particularly elusive subject. You can easily blur out any unwanted elements by automatically generating a background and creating a clean, professional-looking video. And if you ever need to revisit the footage, simply adjust the background settings to get the perfect shot. 

2. Social Media Templates

Social media has taken over the world. We share our every thought, feeling, and experience on social media. Showbox online video editor has some amazing social media templates that help you make engaging video content for social media in just a few clicks. 

You can make Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and even YouTube intros without design experience. Plus, they’re constantly adding new templates for different platforms and occasions, so you’re never stuck on choices. 

Additionally, social media templates can save you a lot of time by allowing you to create videos in bulk. Instead of spending hours creating individual videos for each social media platform, you can use a template to create a whole series of videos in just a few minutes. 

3. Plenty of Editing tools

As anyone who has edited a video knows, having access to a good selection of editing tools is essential. You can easily trim video footage, add special effects, and create smooth transitions between scenes with the right tools. 

Many video editors require users to purchase expensive add-ons or subscription plans to access their full range of features. Fortunately, the Showbox free online video editor offers a great selection of editing tools for free. 

This makes it more affordable to get started in video editing and allows users to experiment with different features and find the ones that work best for them.

4. Export Videos in Multiple Formats

Once in a lifetime, you must have faced the frustration of format incompatibility in different streaming platforms such as Cinema HD, BeeTV, Cyberflix, and others making it difficult to ensure that your videos can be watched by everyone. 

With the Showbox online video editor, you can export your videos in various formats. Additionally, this feature allows you to select a specific resolution and quality settings for each format, so you can tailor your videos to the needs of each platform.

5. Easy to use

When it comes to online video editors, you must consider how easy the editor is to use. After all, if you can’t figure out how to use the editor, you won’t be able to create the videos you want. Showbox video editor is easy to use. 

It has a user-friendly interface making it easy to find the tools you need and make edits quickly. In addition, they often come with helpful tutorials and support so that you can get the most out of your editing experience. 

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With so many powerful features, it’s no wonder that video editors are becoming increasingly popular among both amateur and professional filmmakers. Whether you’re looking to create a short film or a music video, the Showbox online video editor will help. It has the tools that you need to create a polished final product. The product is still creating so much hype in its initial stages; no wonder it’ll be in heavy demand when Showbox releases the final product.

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