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Stremio APK v1.5.3 Download for Android – [LATEST VERSION]

The Stremio APK is one of the leading names in the streaming industry. From movies to TV shows, everything can be streamed on this one application. 

It provides the best platform to play various videos for free. You can enjoy countless movies and programs with just one click and add more to your weekdays.

Downloading Stremio APK v1.5.3 is not a tough job. We will discuss everything in this one post only. You can easily search, manage, and have all the top picks at your comfortable place. 

Some specification of Stremio APK v1.5.3

Name Stremio APK
Developer Stremio Team
Compatible Android 5.0+
Size 47 MB
Updated Aug 18, 2022
Version v1.5.3

Features of Stremio Application

The Stremio application is not just a platform for free movies and shows. You can also watch various sports content, podcasts, and lots more. 

Covers Everything

The app has add-ons from several other providers like YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix. So, the user can easily find out the newest content on the app. You can have the best experience without paying a genuine amount. 

User Interface

The user interface can be quickly understood. You can easily enable the filters like rating, category, release year, and genre to get the best result. 

Chromecast Support

This enables the user to modify the small screen into a big one. That means you can easily switch between mobile to TVs. 

Easy Track

This tab brings up all the content and TV shows that you watched. You can easily resume the last played binge that is left in between. It comes with recommendations and genres that you mostly watch. 

Create Own Video Library

Furthermore, you can create your video library. The calendar will let you know about all the newest series and episodes. 


  • Simple user interface.
  • No cost app.
  • Exclude all kinds of lags. 
  • Loading speed is quick.
  • Rare buffering.


  • Some bugs may be there.
  • Should use a higher resolution content. 

How to Stremio APK v1.5.3 Download on Android?

There only requires a simplistic approach to download the Stremio Latest APK on android. The application could be installed from the Google play store. However, if somehow the play store does not function then try to download Stremio for android with the following steps. 

  • Open the Android device. 
  • Head towards the Menu bar. 
  • Then, choose Settings. 
  • After that, you need to pick Security.
  • Make sure to activate the Unknown Sources. 

If you want another method then follow: 

  • Hover your mouse towards Settings. 
  • Click on the Google Chrome. 
  • Opt for the Installed Applications. 
  • Make sure to activate the Install Unknown apps. 
  • Also, you can enable and turn on “Allow from this source”

Stremio APK v1.5.3 Download

Make sure that the application is in the state of Beta testing phase before downloading it on your device. 

Stremio APK on Android: Installation Steps

Now, we are heading towards the installation procedure of Stremio for Android. For that, these steps would provide the best assistance.

  • Open the Android device.
  • Navigate towards the Downloads folder.
  • Try to locate the downloaded file saved as Stremio APK. 
  • Once done, double-click on it. 

stremio for android : Installation

  • Now, choose to Install on the Installation window. 
  • Meanwhile, the installation procedure will get completed in less than a minute. 

stremio apk: Installation

  • Make sure that you close the installation window.

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Uninstall/Install Add-ons for Stremio APK

The user is denied access to all kinds of content if the add-ons are absent. Make sure that the developer has maintained some official and community add-ons. The user can easily make and publish the add-ons under the community add-ons. 

The add-ons are no more than the search engines that run to provide the best result to their users. This is how you should install the add-ons for Stremio on Android. 

  • Look at the top-left corner of your computer screen. 
  • Click on the main menu. 
  • Hit the Add-ons button. 
  • Thereafter, try to filter the add-ons according to your choice between official or community add-ons. 
  • Choose the green-colored Install button. 
  • This will lead to the further installation procedure. 
  • However, if you want to uninstall it then make sure to choose Uninstall button for that specific add-on. 

What to do when Unable to Install some Add-Ons via Stremio?

If you are facing the issue and could not install the Add-ons then try to conduct the following steps. 

  • Enter on the address bar. 

how does stremio work

  • Open the desktop version of the application that is installed on your computer. 

Resolve Installation issue

  • Make sure to install the same corrupted add-ons on your desktop.
  • Now, the issue would be resolved as the syncing between desktop and Android is successfully done. 

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Stremio APK | Common Errors and Solutions

Several Stremio app users have encountered these issues on their systems. You can get to know them through the list below. The section consists of the solutions as well. 

Unable to Chromecast on Windows 10

Many Windows 10 users reported this issue. Improper configuration of the Windows firewall is the primary reason behind it. You must learn how to fix it with the following steps; 

  • Move towards the Windows firewall. 
  • Go to the Actions button. 
  • Then, you need to choose Restore Defaults. 

Unable to Chromecast on Windows 10

  • Try to restart the Stremio app. 

Restart the app

  • Meanwhile, a prompt will appear that asks your permission. 
  • Thereafter, the Chromecast will work smoothly. 

Add-on was available previously but not now

Stremio could not take control of the community add-ons. So, if you have made an add-on earlier and it is not available then make sure to consult the add-on creator. 

The video is Buffering every time

If your videos keep on buffering while being enjoyed a good internet connection then there could be a problem with the source of the video. The user is restricted from doing everything to ensure the video’s availability. 

Make sure to install different add-ons to check whether the different source for the video is built or not. 

Subtitles not synchronized

Stremio uses the OpenSubtitles service to provide subtitles. Make sure that the application does not make subtitles. So, if you face unsynchronized video and subtitles then make sure to click on the menu. Moreover, try to set the timing as well through + and – signs. 

We hope that the article has resolved how Stremio works. However, if you want to know about any other things then let us know in the comment section. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to run Stremio in my browser?

No, it is not possible. But, you may see this feature very soon. 

2. Does Stremio run an ad?

Stremio uses AdEx to run non-intrusive ads. 

3. Can you tell me the reason why Stremio consumes the disk space?

Stremio offers a local cache used for storing the temp video files for streaming purposes. Also, the user can set up a fixed space under Cache settings. You will find it under the Settings panel. 

4. What is the compatibility of the Stremio app?

Stremio is compatible with all Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. You can use it on iOS also. Amazon Firestick and Nvidia Shield are Android-based devices that offer the best compatibility with the Stremio application. 

5. Can I watch a video after downloading it from Stremio?

Yes, you can easily download a video and TV show and watch it offline. This feature is updated in the newest version so you can have the best user experience. 

6. Is Stremio free?

Yes, Stremio APK is the leading platform for streaming movies and TV shows. It seeks no additional costs while fulfilling the streaming purposes. 

7. Does Stremio and Cinema HD app have similarities?

Although the Cinema HD app is a completely different movie streaming app. But they have some similarities in the user interface.

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