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Syncler Apk for Android: How to Download and Install

Have trouble finding your favorite shows and movies? Or keeping track of when will the new shows air? You have an escape now. Syncler Apk not only provides you with a wide range of new shows and movies but also helps you to track your watched shows. You can also set reminders for the upcoming movies.

How amazing is that! Syncler helps you to watch, manage, and keep track of watches and the watch list made by you. You can add different genres and languages to your watch list.

Syncler is popular amongst different age groups. The reason behind this is simple, Syncler offers everything you can think of. You can watch different movies, TV shows, anime movies, cartoons, and whatnot on your Syncler application.

syncler provider package

This application makes it easy for you to access all your Favourites with a simple click on your phone. You can easily download this application on your device and enjoy hours of binge-watching your favorite shows and the latest movies.

However, if you need guidance on how you can download and install the Syncler application on your Android device, do not leave this page. As, all the answers to your queries regarding this, will be solved on this page.

Information on Syncler APK

Name of the Application Syncler Apk
Developer Syncler
Size 89 MB
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Download 100,000+
Compatible with iOS, Android, PC, Firestick

Features of Syncler APK V1.3.5.1

 Syncler APK v1.3.5.1 is the latest version of the Syncler application available for Android users. You can download and install this application on your device from reliable sources. Before that, you must be curious to know what are features the Syncler application offers.


So, below are the top features offered by Syncler to the users to make your watching experience easy and convenient:

  • The users can create and use their custom scrappers on the Syncler application.
  • The Syncler application for Android is a whole package consisting of a Debrid manager, Debrid cloud, and magnet picker; known as the Debrid suite.
  • Easy to access the data and content posted on the debris cloud by the users of the Syncler application. You can watch any content directly using your downloaded application of the debris cloud.
  • Special interface for Android TV users. You can easily watch your favorite movies on your Android TV using the Android application. Syncler allows you to use the TV application interface for this purpose.
  • You can sync your favorites and watch later shows from your TV application to your Syncler application on your other devices.
  • Covers different genres including anime and animation movies. You can watch the latest and the oldest movies on the same application.
  • You can also use this application on Chromecast.
  • The easier search of specific shows with help of Syncler application filters. It helps you to filter based on date, resolution, genres, etc.
  • You can also watch your shows and movies on external platforms such as MX and VLC as Syncler supports all such platforms.
  • Free to use application for all the users around the globe. No additional charges or monthly top-ups are required on the application.
  • More than ten thousand users around the globe. Preferred by different age groups.
  • Provides Child safety for users below a certain age. You can filter the content as per your requirements and control the content your kids and teenagers will watch.
  • Easy to separate movies and TV shows. Also, you can search for movies and shows from different platforms without buying their specific subscriptions.
  • Compatible with a large variety of platforms including Android, firestick, and PC.
  • Easy to find the latest movies and shows under their recent category.
  • Different categories to suit your different moods. You can easily find your favorite shows based on their genre.
  • You can create a watch list, and watched list, and can easily resume your shows and movies from where you left them on your previous login.
  • Availability of autoplay and auto next options to ensure that you have uninterrupted watching sessions.
  • Easy to use and understand graphical user interface making it easier to use and get maximum benefits off the application.
  • You can also search movies and TV Shows with the voice recognition feature of Syncler.
  • Automatic updating of the application will help you to use your application without any disturbances or difficulties.
  • You can download and install the Syncler application for Android on android TVs, Tablets, Smartphones, and any device that runs on the Android platform.

These features make the Syncler application a clear choice for those who do not wish to be disturbed while watching their favorite shows. Also, for those who are tired of paying bills for the subscription of different platforms.

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How to Download Syncler APK V1.3.5.1 on Android?

Since you must be impressed by the various features offered by the Syncler app, you must now be looking for guidance on how can you grab it for yourself. To download and install the Syncler provider packages on your device using available sources.

syncler apk: Download app

Since the Syncler app is not a third-party application, you can download the Syncler latest app on your device in two different ways:

From Play Store

You can follow the given steps to download the Syncler APK directly from the play store to your device:

  • Go to your play store and log in with your Id. Make sure to update your play store services to find the application easily.
  • Next, Search for the Syncler application by typing “Syncler “ on your search bar.
  • Download the first application which comes with an icon shaped like a C with a play button inside it.

Syncler package installer: install on play store

  • Lastly, wait for the application to be downloaded successfully on your device. Allow the required permissions if required or shown on your screen.

Using Syncler APK Installer

You can download the Syncler APK on your device by following the given steps:

  • Go to your web browser and search for the Syncler app.
  • Next, visit the website and follow the link which leads to downloading Syncler APK.
  • Lastly, download the APK file on your device and install it on your Android device.

How to Install Third-Party Provision Packages of Syncler?

If you have successfully downloaded your Syncler app on your device, it’s time to notch it up a little. You can download and install the third-party provision packages which will work along with your existing application.

Syncler provision package: install Syncler

To install the Syncler packages, you will have to seek help from the Syncler package installer available and accessible to you. You can install the Syncler third-party packages on your device using the following steps:

  • Download the Syncler  APK on your device from any of the available options. Make sure it works properly.
  • Launch the available Syncler APK on the android device you are using. You can use your tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Go to the settings menu followed by the option of provider packages on your screen. Click to enter this menu.
  • Locate the Kosmos option. Click on the Kosmos option to proceed.
  • Here, you will get an authentication code. You need to carefully note this code down, as you might need it further.
  • After this, on your web browser, search for the URL- Directly put this on your URL bar.
  • The redirected page will ask for the authentication code. Fill the appropriate code in the provided space. Make sure you carefully put the exact code.
  • Lastly, the next page will ask for the provider file package and you will have to paste the specific URL here. You can find this URL with the third-party packages. The URL is –

And finish! Your third-party packages are added to your application successfully. You can use all your features and services on your Syncler application freely.

You can easily install the third-party packages on your device without any further guidance from the package provider or Syncler package installers.

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Syncler APK: Method to Use

There is no rocket science when it comes to using the Syncler application. However, here are the things that you will have to keep in mind.

Syncler Apk: Categories

  • Integrate the Android TV home with the application.
  • You can also add a Real-Debrid account.
  • It features many trailers, movies, anime, and TV shows.
  • All the episodes of a single TV show are present under a single file. You will not get different files for different seasons.
  • Different categories are also provided including New in HD, Airing, Aired, and more.

Add Free Experience for Syncler on Android: S+ Membership

Syncler S+

If you are one who does not like any ads while binge-watching videos, S+ membership is something you need. Syncler S+ membership is the ads-free experience that you are looking for. Other than the ad-free experience, you will get other premium features like:

  • Complete access to the features of Utility tools of Debrid.
  • With the help of source filtering, the autoplay feature has been made better.
  • It also offers different filters including the ping time, type, and resolution.


Moreover, you can search for the latest and the classics on the same platform. Also, you can watch your shows in whichever language you like. However, you can also try content in different languages as the Syncler application provides subtitles along with the content. This application is free of cost and hence is perfect to save money with a promise of unlimited entertainment. There is no turning back from this amazing application. It is the best alternative to the Cinema app to binge-watch your favorite content.


  • Is the Syncler application safe to use?

Yes, Syncler is safe for use on any Android device. More than 10,000 users are proof of its efficiency.

  • Is Syncler compatible with iOS devices too?

Yes, Syncler can be easily downloaded and used for Android and iOS devices. It is also compatible with devices like FireSticks.

  • Is Syncler completely free to use?

Yes, the Syncler app is free to use by all users. However, if you wish to have the advertisement-free version of Syncler, you will have to get an S+ membership.

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